I loved this music camp because every single person – kids and tutors – wanted to be there. Everyone was so involved and that made it so much fun!

Keala Burns

Lara loved the music workshop and is counting down until the next one! She said it was the best holiday camp she’s ever been to.

Danielle Greenfield

My daughter just loved this workshop! She had the opportunity to sing solos and enjoyed learning guitar for the first time. She also enjoyed the social aspect, getting to know other children who are passionate about music.

Lynn Langman

This was the first time my children attended this camp and I can honestly say that they all loved it. They are all at different skill levels but this was not a problem at all. Even my camp-reluctant daughter (aged 12) who initially only went for 1 day ended up going for the whole 4 days. The Camp Concert was fantastic. I couldn’t believe how much progress the kids had all made in a few days. My 7 year old was playing ‘Rolling in the Deep’ (Adele) on the guitar despite having never played guitar before. The camp was a lot of fun – they can’t wait to go again!

Dawn Young

The Music Suite offered a wonderful music camp. My daughter was so stimulated and challenged. She loved all components and can’t wait till the next camp. A big thank you to Jenn and all the staff for offering such a professional and fun camp. The concert at the end was phenomenal and all parents were so impressed with what the children achieved in only 4 days.

Michaela AW

My son loved the music workshop and can’t wait to do another one and is inspired to learn more instruments.

Michelle Eisenberg